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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

holiday >.<

yeah ^^ finish exam for my year1 sem2 in utar~
i m in HoLiDaY now~
as usual, have some 'celebration' after finish our exam...
but this time only got 4 ppl...
kar lim have to celebrate mother's day as wat he had promise his family...
xiaoying suddenly get sick and din join us ~
so...only left ahYa+wk+daJie+pei^2
we go cheong k + movie todaY~
this time cheong k at the K-Box in the Jusco in Ipoh ^^
bcs of the last time incident, so this time we cheong-k for free!
free drink, free food, free cheong-k session...all are FREE!
wahaha~ feel like we become VIP d! very song! haha~
the movie of Wolverine, The X-Men Origins! quite nice movie^^
as least i din fall asleep more than 5 min although i feel so tired during the movie time~haha~
tmr wil go cheras for 2 days only back my hometown...
cheras' pasar malam! WAIT for m3~


Anonymous said... qi dai the pasar malam a?
hehe...we meet at there ba...

ahYa... said...

a bit lo~haha~

Richard Ling said...

wa.. nice~ i am sad. i have no school to go anymore.

ahYa... said...

then maybe u can be a lecturer or wat...
so tat u can go to school everyday~haha~

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