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Friday, May 22, 2009

522 birthday wishes

HaPpY BiRthDaY to myself - ahYa -
so fast, start from now...i m 21st years old...
someone remind me to write the blog and must mention tat he is the 1st ppl call me~

my 1st call from wk, my best guy buddy~
purposely set the time same as my hp last few weeks ago...but i never think abt it~haha~
wk, i really need sometime to think abt my wish today...haha~

hui shian, cant call through my phone and msn...sry for tat...although i really hope she can come for the small bday party...but i noe her talk is more year lo~

pei pei who is in the same room as me right now, but still send me a msg but not from mouth...haha~
pei, after i get a bf...i sure will let u noe 1~haha~

dajie, another cute fren...who is want to be the 1st person to call me but fail to do so......but i get her wishes on the spot...p/s: she also with me at tat time~

xiao ying, receive her mms tat the cute monkey will sing the bday song~
and kenji also~thx~

kai ching, always send the msg to my 2 hp number~not only the sms, i receive her wishes from msn and facebook comment too^^

xiao tian, draw out the wishes in msn...nice^^

dolphine, still call me sweet after heard it...

my primary skul fren,Poh Wei, Rong Yao, Pey Yih...
and Cheryl and Alan, i meet them in my diploma life in KL...
and some fren wishes in the facebook, Elaine, Annes,Irvan,Christine, Chia Boon and Kai Qian...

the best wishes i receive from them until now...thx to u all^^


Pey Yih said...

Hehe..~ I saw my name is there..~
Its great to see this..~
I hope my name will appear in your birthday post every year..

Again~Happy Birthday..!!
I believe we will hold this promise until we are old!

ahYa... said...

same to m3...i also happy to saw my name in ur bday blog~hehe~
again...thx for ur wishes~

ur blogspot is private account?

Richard Ling said...

woot.. happy belated birthday. haha`..

AliVe said...

im late
hapi birthday~

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