True FRIENDSHIP is seen through the heart, NOT through the eyes

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BuffdaY 2011


my lovely friend had gave me the BIGGEST SURPRISE for my buffday this year!!!
I'm so shock & happy while I saw them appear at my house!
Thanks my dear friends <3
I didn't miss the chance at last!
Although at first have more people to surprise me
but it is enough that I can celebrate my bday with 5 of you !
Grateful ! Appreciate ! Happy ! Surprise! Touch!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm back

abandoned this place for 2 months and now I back to here again =]

short update for my life now
eat-sleep-online-movie-photo edit
these are my daily life during this week since I back to my home

most of my friends are hunting for the job and some even get the job and going start their career soon! but what am I doing right now?
I can't even get a clear mind for my future!

will it become 2 people trip instead of 3 for my Taiwan trip?
plan been spoiled because of over protecting?
don't know how to settle actually
after I get the confirmation, then what should I do?

missing the life at Kampar
missing my lovely angels & devils members

will 521 become end of the world
if yes then I can't celebrate my 23rd bday on next day =P
recall my past few years birthday
2006 - first year enter TARC, celebrate with friends and new housemate there if not wrong =)
2007 - celebrated with my family & friends at hometown
2008 - join Genting group for work, celebrated with my gang & some new friend there
2009 - having a small steamboat party at my new house with my dear friends
2010 - celebration at home as usual and late celebration with my friends at Genting
2011 - how would it be?

over so many years of my study life
I actually look forward for my birthday celebration every year
this year
I seem going to miss the last chance
so I plan to celebrate my year 2011 b'day with myself - ahYa -