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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

-EMO EMo Emo-

I become EMO recently? Can anyone tell m3?

Last week I had post "i NOT myself anymore" in my msn's pm...
p3i ask me for twice, "why?"
Sorry tat I din tell the truth.I noe u wont force me to speak it out de,rite?
Wat I nid just the TIME! Because I believed time will prove everything!

I'm totally addicted with the Facebook games recently! Very serious!

One more month left for my training.I wish can end earlier because I not really enjoy the internship life.Why some people does so? As my previous post, I wish I can more understand about Programming during my internship,but does I? Definitely NO! I only found that I really not suitable with this field! Can I regret now? Stop my study? Haizzz...

Many things in this world we CAN'T control it. We just can see it happen and happen again but we have no way to stop it. I admit that I have change a lot because all the things continuously happen. so Should I stop myself too?

Year 2009 going end sOOn! Foretell of 2012 will become TRUE ?

Monday, November 9, 2009


** Hint : my Name