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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bukit Gambir - KL part II

back to kampar to prepare for my last paper -Introductory Discrete Mathematics-
again, take the CepatSedia bus to KL ~
this time...the bus very very NOT ok d...
bcs the air-con not cold at all!
i just can feel the HOT air from that lousy air-con!
feeling very uncomfortable during whole the journey to KL!
this time...still remain 9 ppl in a bus!
but something is different!
no longer only a gal inside the bus~
got 4 gals + 5 guys~
chinese, indian, and malay~
but something is same...
i still the only chinese! haha!
i told my mum the situation last time, she ask me don wan buy this company's ticket for next tim3...
so i tell my mum tat : " see how 1st "
maybe this time will get more customers~
maybe this time i wont be the only gal and chinese~
BUT now...
still is 9 ppl in the bus...
still is the only chinese in the bus...
summore, the lousy air-con this time...
still thinking izit possible for m3 to take this kind of bus for NEXT time?


Richard Ling said...

my first paper this afternoon!!!

♥ DolphinE ♥ said...

wat means is pek cek ?
i used to take the bus and im the only chinese ==

ahYa... said...

er...pek cek is just like 很烦、很不爽 in hokkien~

♥ DolphinE ♥ said...


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