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Saturday, May 23, 2009

ahYa's 21st bDaY

my 21st bday this year...i held a small steamboat party and invite some frens...
~Kai Ching and Xiao Tian,SweeTing and Wan Shia, Dajie and Pei Pei~

~the foods~

~i m getting start~

~xiaotian, kaiching, m3, wanshia, sweeting~

~p3i^2, Dajie, m3~

~nice shoot~

~with my family~

~21st bday-HoneyDew flavor Cake~

~make a wish~

~blow the candle~

~cutting cake~

~lastly, i become like this~

tats all of my bday celebration...
thx to them who are attend this small small party~
hope i can held my bday party coming every year...haha...
now...i going to share the gift i receive...hehe...

~angpow from my parents & eldest sister~

~bear from ching & tian~

~big MENTOS from dajie & pei~

~CASIO watch from shian, ting & shia~

~THX to u ALL~

p/s: thx for pei^2 be the photographer^^

wishes from all of u, part ii


Richard Ling said...

wa sen`.. super happy ar

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