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Thursday, April 30, 2009

P'Malaysia is killing m3...*...argh...*

- P'Malaysia is killing m3...*...argh...* -
my current pm in msN !

30 april - 12.30am -->

this is the book for my Pengajian Malaysia subject in coming exam...
i only got 2 days to finish it~ can i? IMPOSSIBLE !!!
dun noe why, i prefer to read the book than the note...
i only READ it line by last got masuk otak or not ?
i think the answer will be NO~haha~
i hate this sub !!!

2.15am -->

how many pages i read ?


3.30am -->

*56* pages i had read ~

3.50am -->

ahYa goin crazY!!!!!!!!!!
shud go to sl33p now!


rex said...

good least u r studying

Richard Ling said...

hi. how did u find my blog, lol`... wonderful.

study hard, girl.. i am studying until very sien. hope final faster finish

ahYa said...

last time already got ur xanga's blog mar...
i always updated with ur news de~haha~
u are in last sem now?

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