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Saturday, September 11, 2010

YeaR Thr33 Sem On3

Quite a long time din update my bloG

Year three really is far more tough than I think...
because of the still-got-time, do-it-tomorrow style, I had rush all my assignments, presentation, midterm, final year project I almost at the same time!
It was the worst time I had in my university life until now.
Although last semester I also had two days 24 hours awake mode to complete the assignment, but it involved with the different multimedia elements such as graphic/image, audio, animation and others and make me won't so easy to fall asleep while doing the assignment! year's subject really make me crazy in writing the report! I had big trouble in coming out the report because my writing skills is so poor.
combination of 26 characters become 50 pages report!
After the torturing time past, I had enjoy nearly 2 weeks own-define pre-holidays.
Go Ipoh jalan jalan, makan makan...Go Pool...Go Cheong K...
full of fun!
till week after that will start my final exam for this semester...
but getting lazier and lazier compare to last time...
study not even ten minutes, then facebook for more than two hours!
self-control is really uncontrolled now!


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