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Saturday, May 15, 2010


It's mid of May 2010

Time flies. I gonna start my year 3 semester 1 after 2 weeks of holiday. Year 3 , last year of my course, means I have to start my final year project (fyp) soon. The world is cruel. It let me realize that I really step to the wrong way towards my future. Till now, I still lack of the knowledge about the all the related technology nowadays. I not motivated at all. I do what the lecturer required me to do. sometimes still not reach the requirements of them. Never research on the latest software or news about technologies. Should a Computer Science student behave like me? Of course NOT ! I'm WORST!

I really done a bad job in this semester. Can I forgive myself after the result release? I Hope so. Actually I know what is the the main reason cause this all happen. But I can't control it. My mind getting far away from me and I can't catch it back. Lastly, I LOST MYSELF.

GoodBye ahYa ...


Richard Ling said...

no worry. be strong and hold it there.

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