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Friday, July 24, 2009

Goodbye to w33k 8

really fast~ another week had passed~
jz finished the assignments that nid to pass up friday~
quit3 tired now =.=

today while having break be4 the basic professional writing class, we decide to go Newtown to having our lunch~
as usual, go to ZoneG parking there and drive my motor...
yer? seem like something wrong leh?
where is my HELMET?
omG ! why helmet also wan steal?
'that' ppl sendiri don have helmet ar? why stole mine 1?
but...wat i can angry?
is my FauLt wat~
i din lock the helmet as w3LL~
so my H3Lm3T hAD goN3 with the w33k 8...By3 By3 ~

going KL this week to attend XiAoYinG's convocation and also shopping at sungai wang ^^
my characteristics of 'bai ga lui' come out again...haiz...
i N33D MoN3Y !!!


Richard Ling said...

time flies```

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